BBC Match of the Day visits Soccer STEM initiative - Albion In The Community
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13 December 2021

BBC Match of the Day visits Soccer STEM initiative

BBC Match of the Day visits Soccer STEM initiative

Last week the BBC visited Albion in the Community to film our new Soccer STEM initiative in Brighton.

Broadcast on Sunday morning’s Match of the Day, the BBC came to Fairlight Primary School to learn how we are using football themed robots to teach science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) skills.

The film crew were joined by club ambassador Glenn Murray and pupils from year six who showed how they have learnt how to code the robots and make them move around a football pitch.

AITC’s school’s manager Rob Josephs explained: “Coding is one of the important skills that children need for 21st century jobs and STEM is a really important subject area that we feel we can make a real difference with. We use football as the theme that supports schools to encourage children to learn about technology and coding in a fun way.

”Soccer STEM teaches children not just about coding but also angles, movement, problem solving, teamwork and communication. These are all skills that will equip children well for the future.”

AITC work in over 150 schools across Sussex each year using football as a theme to teach a range of subjects including numeracy, literacy and physical education. We are planning to launch the new Soccer STEM initiate to schools across Sussex in 2022.

Glenn Murray was impressed with what he saw and reflected: “I think Soccer STEM is an incredible initiative helping children to learn important skills that they will need in their future careers and as they move into secondary school.

“It just shows how important Albion in the Community are to the city and surrounding areas to give these kids the opportunity to benefit their learning and to have fun whilst doing it.”

If you would like your school to benefit from Albion in the Community’s Soccer STEM initiative, please contact


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