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05 July 2022

Gully’s Health Squad programme launches in Eastbourne

Gully’s Health Squad programme launches in Eastbourne

Albion in the Community has launched a programme to improve children’s health and wellbeing.

Gully’s Health Squad is an initiative aimed at tackling poor diets and childhood obesity, especially in areas of higher deprivation.

The first school to take part in Gully’s Health Squad – Parkland Junior School in Eastbourne – welcomed Gully and the AITC Health Team for an interactive assembly about the benefits of swapping junk food for healthy treats.

The aim is that Gully’s Health Squad will be rolled out to dozens of schools across Sussex over the next three years, with 12-week programmes including assemblies, challenges, workshops, and after-school clubs.

The programme, which is funded through the Premier League Charitable Fund, has been started in order to tackle health concerns in young children.

Poor diet and physical inactivity are the primary factors to excess weight and obesity, which is a major public health concern in England. Childhood obesity and excess weight can result in serious implications to children’s physical and mental health, continuing into adulthood, and increasing the risk of obesity for their own children later in life.

In England, a third of children leave primary school overweight/obese. Obesity does not affect all populations equally, with children from the most deprived areas being twice as likely to develop obesity compared with children from more affluent areas

Experiences at an early age that feel fun and positive give children a sense of confidence, and help them build foundations for a healthy, active life.

Rosie Sadler, Health Manager at AITC, said: “We’re really pleased that Gully’s Health Squad has got underway at Parkland Junior School.

“It’s a fantastic programme tackling some really important issues – physical and mental wellbeing, reducing obesity levels in children, and engaging families in making lasting positive behaviour changes.”

To find out more about how we’re keeping Sussex healthy, click here:


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