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06 November 2020

How the lockdown will affect Albion in the Community’s programme delivery

How the lockdown will affect Albion in the Community’s programme delivery

With the latest announcement on national restrictions to stop the spread of Covid-19, Albion in the Community are adapting their delivery programme to ensure essential support is provided to many of the thousands of people it works with across Sussex.

The charity runs more than 60 different projects throughout the local area, supporting upwards of 40,000 people every year. During the national lockdown, community delivery will be adapted in the following ways:


  • In-person sessions from Thursday 5 November will not take place during the scheduled lockdown – an adapted programme of online and virtual sessions during this period will be provided instead.


  • Delivery of the charity’s work within schools and it’s further education programmes will continue under strict guidelines.


Staff will be regularly checking in with the most vulnerable people the charity helps, with teams shifting their 1-2-1 and group contact to online sessions.


The range of activities that the charity will be delivering during the lockdown include:

. Virtual football sessions to keep children physically active

. Online fitness sessions for people with a disability

. After school clubs, PE sessions, workshops and 1-2-1 support delivered on school sites

. Online physical activity sessions supporting people recovering from cancer treatment

. Further education programme delivered through virtual learning


Matt Dorn, chief executive officer at Albion in the Community, said the charity’s focus over the coming weeks would be on helping people get active, stay well, and continue to learn.

He said, “As a charity, we know the value that physical activity has on the positive mental health and wellbeing of people that we work with and will continue to champion this during the lockdown. We are determined to continue to support people we work with, many of whom are particularly vulnerable, and ensure they have access to the resources and support they need.”

For more information on how Albion in the Community has responded to Covid-19 visit:


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