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08 July 2019

Seagull Travel continues support of amputee team

Seagull Travel continues support of amputee team

A travel company which transports thousands of football fans to and from Brighton & Hove Albion FC games is continuing its support of Albion in the Community (AITC).

Seagull Travel is the Albion’s official transport provider, offering matchday coaches to help fans follow the club home and away.

For three seasons now the company has also been making regular donations to AITC, the football club’s official charity – specifically in support of its adult amputee team, Brighton & Hove Albion Amputee FC (BHAAFC), who compete in a national disability-specific league.

Passengers are also encouraged to make personal donations whenever they book a journey with Seagull Travel and earlier this summer, Seagull Travel director Darren Gallis visited the Amex Stadium to hear more about how the company’s support has helped BHAAFC and to hand over another £3,000 on behalf of Seagull Travel passengers.

He also got to see BHAAFC in action as they hosted a friendly match with Arsenal on the Amex pitch.

Mr Gallis said: “Our passengers are incredibly generous in their support of AITC and it is fantastic to know they are keen to match the support Seagull Travel provides the charity by making their own donations.

“We’ve been supporting BHAAFC for a number of years and many of our passengers look out for the team’s results and follow their progress throughout the season. It is brilliant to see how far the team has come and how well the players have developed.”

Mr Gallis also confirmed Seagull Travel would be continuing its support of AITC throughout the 2019/20 season and said the firm was delighted to see the positive impact that support was having.

He added: “AITC does some amazing work and as a company which collects fans from more than 200 pick-ups points across the county it is great to support a charity which works throughout Sussex.”

Paul Brackley, AITC’s disability manager, was full of praise for Seagull Travel and their customers. He said: “The work we do simply would not be possible with the generosity of our supporters and Seagull Travel has been brilliant in the way it has backed the charity.

“That support has really benefited our BHAAFC team and helped us give more local people with a disability the chance to play the sport they love.”

For information on AITC’s football sessions for people with a disability, or to find out how businesses can support the charity’s work, email:


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