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05 August 2022

Soccer Schools kids learn nutrition from Albion keepers

Soccer Schools kids learn nutrition from Albion keepers

Albion goalkeepers Kjell Scherpen and Tom McGill visited a soccer school to share their best tips about healthy eating.

The Premier League stars joined more than 60 kids in a Brighton & Hove Albion Soccer Schools session at Brighton’s Dorothy Stringer school.

The kids took part in a day of fun football activities and tournaments, before ending the day with a visit from two very special guests.

McGill and Scherpen arrived at the end of the session to deliver a talk about healthy eating, alongside AITC nutritionist Mari Clark.

The goalkeepers shared their best nutrition tips and answered questions from the kids about how to eat like a Premier League footballer.

They also made the day extra special by staying to sign shirts and boots for the children.

Nutritionist Mari was very pleased to have the help of two Premier League footballers to deliver her healthy eating message.

“It was absolutely brilliant to have Kjell and Tom come down to our session. The kids were so engaged and I think they learned a lot about healthy eating.

“Having a big Albion star come along and help us deliver the message makes such a big difference. Those kids will go home and want to eat just like a footballer.”

To find out more about our work with nutrition visit here:


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