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19 April 2018

Still time to sign-up for Blue and White Day

Still time to sign-up for Blue and White Day

There is still time for Brighton & Hove Albion fans to sign-up for Albion in the Community’s (AITC) Blue and White Day fundraiser on 27 April. 

AITC is asking fans, local schools and businesses to take part in its latest fundraising campaign, which is raising money to help fund the charity’s award-winning work across Sussex.

The easiest way to join in and show your support for AITC is to wear blue and white on Friday 27 April in return for a small donation.

A number of businesses have already confirmed they will be encouraging staff to go to work decked out in Albion colours, while many of the 129 schools that AITC works with have confirmed they will be holding non-school uniform days on 27 April.

AITC has produced a fundraising guide for anyone looking for some extra ideas on how to raise money on Blue and White Day, with suggestions ranging from fun penalty shoot-outs, to blue and white cakes and baking.

Money raised by Blue and White Day will help fund AITC’s football sessions for people with a disability. The charity currently runs 31 regular sessions which are attended by upwards of 300 people; these cost between £1,800 and £5,000 a year to run.

Matt Dorn, AITC’s chief executive officer, said: “We have had a lot of interest in Blue and White Day from local businesses and schools that are all keen to support our work.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive and everyone at AITC is looking forward to our first-ever Blue and White Day.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for Albion fans to not only show their support for our work, but also show their appreciation for the team’s effort this season ahead of their away game with Burnley the following day.”

For more information on Blue and White Day, or to request a fundraising guide, email: or call: 01273 668585.

Or, if you can’t take part but would still like to contribute, you can donate directly to AITC’s Blue and White Day campaign online here:


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