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26 July 2022

Sussex men kick off the weight – and keep it off

Sussex men kick off the weight – and keep it off

Kick Off The Weight, a programme designed to help people lose weight and live healthily, has helped a group of men make real, lasting changes to their lives.

11 men embarked on the Kick Off The Weight programme last year, with all of them looking to lose some weight and find a healthier way to live.

The 12-week course, funded by Adur & Worthing Council, provided the group with insightful nutritional advice alongside circuit training and long-distance walks.

More than that, it gave the men a positive and supportive environment to embark on their weight-loss journey among a group of friends.

The programme was an absolute success for all involved: between them, two groups managed to shed a fantastic 22 stone over the course of the 12 weeks.

The group now have improved mobility, better sleep, and raised boosts of energy.

Kick Off The Weight has helped a lot of men to improve their lifestyle, perhaps none more so than Lawrance Butterworth.

We spoke to Lawrance at the end of the programme last year, when he had just learned he lost almost two stone in three months.

The difficulties of lockdown had a big impact on Lawrence’s lifestyle and he found himself reaching his heaviest ever weight – 15 stone 6 lbs. The 60-year-old knew it was time to put that right when he put on his work shirt for the first time after lockdown and found that the buttons wouldn’t do up.

“When I was allowed back into the office after lockdown, I went to put on a shirt and I couldn’t do the buttons up. It was then that I knew I needed to do something about my weight,” Lawrance told us.

After joining Kick Off The Weight, Lawrance completely changed his relationship with his diet and lifestyle choices. In the space of three months, the ticker on his weight scales plummeted to 13 stone 9 lbs; Lawrance managed to lose just shy of two stone and an incredible three inches from his waist.

Lawrance’s 12-week programme ended late last year, but his group have continued to keep in touch and have remained friends.

They all met up with programme lead Jean to mark six months since the end of the programme, sharing their stories and documenting how far they have come since the end of Kick Off The Weight.

Each member of the group weighed themselves once again and, despite no longer attending sessions every week, the group overall had not gained any weight since December – many of them had lost even more weight.

Jean was delighted to see the group’s hard work pay off six months down the line.

“Our Kick Off The Weight Programme has been very successful.” Jean said.

“Both groups lost a total of 22 stone between them, and because of their weight loss and the increase of exercise, they have lowered their risk of future health complications like strokes, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers, and now have improved mobility, better sleep, and raised boosts of energy.

“The programme is free, fun, and easy to follow. It has a common-sense approach and if followed correctly can help people to understand better ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It has so many benefits in such a short amount of time.”

If you’ve been inspired by this story and would like to find out more about the programmes that AITC’s health team offers, please email or visit our website


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